The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE) is specifically designed to prepare high performance volleyball athletes to take their game to the next level.

Spring Issue Volleyball Source Magazine - Here are the latest profiles!

Athlete Profile: VCCE Athlete, Halifax - Kathleen Underhill

Coach Profile: VCCE S & C Coach, Olds - Drew Taddia

FV West Holiday Challenge 

 VCCE Vision 2014 and beyond


Fall 2013 Volleyball Source Magazine - Read about our athletes and coaches!

Athlete Profile: VCCE Athlete, Calgary - Derek Meeuwisse

Coach Profile: VCCE Coach, London - Patrick Johnston

Strength and Conditioning Lead Coach: Mischa Harris

The VCCE is developed based on an integrated sport performance team environment, including a number of services to complement high performance athlete development.  Physical assessments, testing, video analysis, integrated strength and conditioning, and exclusive access to online resources through Sport Leader, are part of the program offered by Volleyball Canada. Working with leading experts in Nutrition, Sport Psychology, and Athlete Development, Centre programs ensure cutting edge athlete training. 

Focusing on Team Canada/Provincial Team Pathway athletes (Grade 8-12) ready to take their game to the next level, committed high school and club athletes as well as Regional, Provincial, National recognized athletes will benefit from the training received in their Centre. Training is based specifically on individual skill development. A very low coach to athlete ratio allows for lots of personal feedback, ball contacts and progress for athlete success.   

VCCE professional team of coaches, many of which coach at and have associations with local College and University teams, receive training and development from our National team coaches.  Each one understands what it takes to excel at the next level and what each athlete needs to do to be successful both on and off the court.

To find a Centre near you, check out the Centres page for more information. 

Contact Information: vcce@volleyball.ca